SellCell Mobile is an affiliate of the Aetas Mobile Group, who is a licensed Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO). We utilize the Cell C and Vodacom Infrastructure to ensure that our customers have the best possible connection at all times. So, in short, we are a mobile service operator with our own sim cards and unique value offering in the Mobile Service Industry. 

Yes, you may purchase as many sim cards as you wish. You will also receive all the “free money” generated by purchases from these sim cards on your profile

To all the nosey shoppers, please take note: at Sell Cell Mobile we turned a normal business that usually consists of investors, the business and clients upside down. We don’t have investors, you, our client, is our investor. So instead of sharing most of our profits with investors, we choose to share our profits with you, our client. That is how we do what we do. Lekker clever hey!

Dial *140# from your phone and follow the menu.

Rica will take place online when you purchase your sim card. Please have your ID book with you on day of the delivery for confirmation of delivery.

No.We will never do that! Your “cash Back” to spend in our shop section ,which is stored in your account will be valid until the end of time!

As A Sell Cell Mobile Rewards member, you get the best offers every time you use us or one of our participating retailers. Whether you are are recharging with airtime or buying a pizza you will always get 100% of what you spend back in Sigmas to spend again!

Once you join our Rewards Programme you will get great benefits and instant rewards when you use Your Sell Cell Mobile App.

Say Hello to getting every last rand you spend back rand for rand and goodbye to “reward schemes” that you need thousands of “points” to actually buy something.

You can use your Sell Cell Mobile app or the website to earnΣ(sigma) at over 50 participating retail destinations across the country.

NOTE: For every Rand you spend you get 1 Σ(sigma) back.

To sign up for a basic plan is R199 per month. If you want A Sell Cell Mobile sim card to get all your money back on airtime and data as well, the sim cost is R220 once off with the recurring R199 p.m.

To see our different plans and benefits please click on the button below.

∑ (Sigma Rewards)

  • A new and exciting Rewards program in SA
  • For only R199pm you receive the following benefits:
  • ∑ will increase your monthly disposal income and allow you to live a much higher lifestyle
  • ∑ allows the holder (YOU) to get ALL your money back that you spend on airtime/data, fast foods, partying, airline tickets, holidays etc,etc.
  • Welcome to our world of ‘consequences free shopping’
  • Your money back instantly on:
  • Airtime/Data purchases
  • Pizza orders
  • Beer/brandy/whisky etc
  • Clothing and bedding purchases
  • Tech accessories
  • Airplane tickets
  • Holiday accommodation
  • Car rentals
  • But how?
  • For every rand that you spend on airtime/data, pizza etc. you immediately get the equivalent back in ∑ Sigma tokens.
  • As long as you spend the ∑ (Sigma tokens) back with us you will receive R1 value for every ∑ (Sigma Token) ie:
  • Order a pizza via your Sell Cell Mobile APP. Let’s say it’s R100.
  • Your pizza is delivered. You will have immediately ∑ 100 (Sigmas) on your Sell Cell Mobile APP to spend again.
  • Buy another pizza OR R100 airtime with your ∑ 100 (Sigma)
  • Ie – Go party at a participating bar. Spend R300 for the evening. Immediately receive ∑ 300 back on your Sell Cell Mobile APP.
  • Go home, order a pizza and buy 1Gb of Data and R21 airtime with your ∑ 300 that you have ‘mined’.
  • You may also use your ∑ tokens to buy pre- paid electricity.
  • The above is only a couple of exciting things that you can do with your money and ∑ Sigma tokens.
  • Please note that you may only ‘mine’ ∑ Sigma when you spend money. You can never receive (mine) ∑ when paying with ∑.
  • You can also not buy ∑ Sigma. You may sell ∑ tokens back to Sell Cell Mobile at R0.40 per ∑. But as you can see the real value of ∑ is to spend them.
  • Look out for the ∑ sign at participating retailers.

Download the Sell Cell Mobile APP from Google Play store and start immediately. This is the most fun that you can have with your money!

What is a ∑ Sigma?

  • Definitions:
  • Sigma (symbol ∑) a virtual asset or virtual token issued by Sell Cell Mobile.
  • Holder/client: a natural person as defined by RSA law. A holder/client will have the ∑ Mobile APP (E wallet) and pays a R199pm fee.
  • Fee: The R199 per month fee is paid by the holder/client in Rand value. The fee is paid in advance and allows the holder to transact with ∑.
  • Vendor: A participating retailer or service provider that accepts ∑ as payment for goods or services.
  • Mine: The term used to describe how a holder may acquire or be rewarded with ∑. ∑ may never be mined when using ∑ as a payment method for goods/services. ∑ may only be mined when paying for goods/services in Rand from participating vendors as a reward. ∑ may also be mined when performing work or any other form of labour including human capital.
  • Overview of ∑
  • A Sigma or as referred to in short by the symbol ∑ is a virtual currency (Virtual asset) and have a constant Rand cash value and a fluctuating purchasing value.
  • ∑ is worth considerably more when used to pay for goods than the Rand cash value.
  • Holders are able to ‘mine’ ∑ when they pay for goods or services at participating vendors with cash/card in Rand.
  • ∑ cannot be ‘mined’ when ∑ is used to purchase goods.
  • ∑ Vest in the holders Sell Cell Mobile APP automatically and immediately once ‘mined’ from participating vendors.
  • The holder of ∑ may use it to pay for items from participating retailers and service providers at a pre-determined or negotiated value.
  • The holder of ∑ may also convert the ∑ into Rand. Sell Cell Mobile will buy the ∑ from the holder at R0.40. To convert ∑ into Rand can take up to 3 hours. Sell Cell Mobile will first authenticate the ∑ before converting it to Rand.
  • The holder of ∑ may sell ∑ to another holder for a Rand cash value larger than R0.40. Willing buyer, willing seller principal will apply.
  • ∑ That vested in the holders mobile APP will never ‘expire’.
  • When ∑ are ‘mined ‘the vendor may charge a transaction fee (Gas) of ∑1.
  • There are no transaction fees (Gas) when the holder uses ∑ to pay a vendor for goods.
  • The holder of ∑ will use his/her mobile APP to transfer ∑ to a vendor when purchasing goods with ∑.
  • The holder must have an internet connection when transacting with ∑.
  • Vendors will pay ∑ to holders via vendor ∑ POS software.
  • ∑ will stimulate trade.
  • ∑ eliminates the risk of having to carry cash.